First Time Blogger!

Hello all! 
Not sure how many people will see this first post, however I am excited to really dig deep into this whole blogging world once I move to the city. Currently I am gearing up for the big move by making my website, picking showcase material and searching for my internship! While it is great fun, it also has proved to be quite the challenge (shocking right?!?!). Website building is SO FUN however given that I barely know how to upload a photo, it might take me eons to get it to the perfect place. But NEVER FEAR, we will get there!! Showcase material is beginning to reveal itself which is crazy exciting considering I have been thinking about these choices for the past three years, trying to brainstorm whenever I had a moment. Internship search is incredibly exctiting as well. There are some definite possibilities on the table and I feel very fortunate to have all these wonderful teachers and alums to help me along the way. Also here is a fun picture!! This week, Randy Skinner (renown choreographer) came to do his annual Masterclass at Otterbein! Not only did we sweat a ton and embraced our inner Fred and Ginger, but he had some wonderful advice, especially for those of us moving to the city soon. He was nice enough to indulge me in a photo as well! What a sweet guy! 

Thanks for tuning in!