Week One: Up and Alive!

Today officially marks my one week anniversary of living in NYC! And what a week it has been...
I truly love living here so far. Adjusting to this new lifestyle has not really been as jarring as I thought it would be.  Also with my internship, I am running all over this place which has forced me to visit many parts of the city that I otherwise would not have seen in my first week. On Monday, I met Andy at New 42nd Street to do a meet and greet with the entire cast and team of Hamilton's Angelica tour. To say this was overwhelming was an understatement. However, what a neat group to be a part of. I got to meet Rory O'Malley, Alex Lacamoire and many other incredible artists. Also our beloved Jordan Donica was there which was very comforting! 

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in Brooklyn for a commercial shoot for The Bandstand. This was such a great learning experience. Seeing all the madness that goes behind  less than one minute spot is mind-boggling. This shoot, plus production meetings and dance prep rehearsals have already given me a nice taste of what the beginnings embers of putting on a Broadway show looks like. I cannot wait to soak it all in through every step of this process. Andy is such a great mentor because he just lets you jump in and is very trustworthy. 

This past Sunday I had the PRIVILEGE to go see Oh Hello! with my classmate and dear friend, Steven Meeker. The show just closed last night I believe so I was very lucky to see it when I did. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were hysterical. The comedy and improv was so well executed and precise, it was basically a masterclass. I was also in tears because Nick Kroll rolled off the stage at one point and played it off so well and it was just SO funny.

SO MANY other things happened this week but all in all, I'm just very happy to be here with my class. We are going to grow exponentially and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us all.