Week 2: The Great Comet and The Great Phenomenon

Week two of NYC life has been very busy and incredibly exciting!  I saw two unique, polar opposite shows since I last blogged and I am so excited to talk about them.  About a week and a half ago I saw Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. If you are in New York anytime in the near future, you must see this show. It is unlike anything I've ever seen. The show is entirely immersive the entire time, there are always members of the cast running around the audience and even standing above you on tables or large platforms. There are staircases that protrude into the balcony from stage itself. The show is sexy, raucous and a wild ride. However, the beautiful arias give the audience a wonderful chance to breathe and relax. It is a fabulous show and I cannot wait to go again if I get the chance. 

I also saw The Labute New Theater Festival at 59e59. Neil Labute picks one acts every year to be showcased in a festival celebrating his iconic writing style. Along with a first ever performance of one of his plays, 3 other original plays written by upcoming playwrights were performed, as well. 

This past week was incredibly fun because I got to sit in on rehearsals for the San Francisco production of Hamilton! I cannot say too much about "The Rooms Where it Happens" hehe but I will say that this show is truly a phenomenon. To give you an idea of how insanely popular this show is: San Francisco's house seats around 2,400. They are performing there for I believe 2 months (maybe three). EVERY SEAT sold in a few short hours. Every. Single. One. And with good reason. This show truly is the "new" American story. 

More fun news to come this week, so keep checking me out! Much love!