Week 3: Shows and more shows! And a NYC acting debut!

I was holding back on posting for a little because I've had a crazy couple of days! And when I say crazy, I mean it in the best way possible. Last week, I saw 4 shows in one week! I saw Wicked (thanks to the impeccable, Asel), which was very nostalgic for me since this was the sow that sparked me to pursue musical theater (cliche I know).  Andy also brought me along to see CATS with him this past week! I already saw this production however, seeing it with him was very interesting! He would tell me little notes about the production or people in the cast while we were watching. So it was sort of like watching a movie with the commentary on! Super fun! Also I was seated in the back row on the aisle, and of course when members of the cast saw Andy and I, they would come mess with us! I had a cat on my lap basically!!

Saturday, I got to fulfill every New Yorker's dream and see Hamilton. It was pretty surreal and the audience was so involved the entire time. Reacting to every little moment of the show. This show is one of the most detailed shows I've ever seen, and it is quite beautiful. I also saw Glenn Close shine in the revival of Sunset Boulevard. Just go see it. She is absolutely breathtaking. 

As I'm sure some of you saw on my facebook and other social media, I started rehearsals for "More Than/Less Than", a ten minute play written by my lovely classmate Steven Meeker. It is directed by Evan Moore-Coll and my scene partner is Natalie Szczerba, two other wonderful classmates of mine. The play will appear in a ten minute play festival at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. We for sure have two performances (March 1st and 4th) and if we make it to the finals, we will perform once more on March 11th! So please come check it out if you can!

Until next time guys!