Post 4: Lots of Changes!

The past couple weeks have been very busy and fun; however, it is finally starting to sink in that I live here and I am not just on some extended vacation. While that is of course very exciting, it is also very emotional. When I first moved, it really did not feel that life changing; it was more fun and exciting than anything else. Now it is really sinking in that I will never spend a large chunk of time at Otterbein again, or Ohio in general since my family is moving away from there. It is very bittersweet, but I am ready to start this new chapter in my life, without a doubt.

Also, in preparation for Showcase next month, I started Whole30! Whole30 is a thirty day diet that basically cuts out all the foods that could have a negative effect on your body. My relationship with food has changed drastically and I feel pretty amazing. It was very difficult at first because, as most of you know, I a am TOTAL FOODIE. Now, instead of going to food for comfort when I am stressed or sad, I find other ways of dealing with it. Food is more of a fuel source than anything for me right now. 

The last big change that I am facing recently is a little too personal and raw to discuss here. However, it is something that is going to drive me for the next couple of months to take care of myself more. I have always been the type of person to worry about others, so much so that I do not care for myself in the way that I need to. And unfortunately, in this business, you have to be your biggest fan first and be a little selfish at times. And I think it is time for me to be my biggest fan. So that is also a very sweet thing to start working on, though it is being caused by a little heartbreak. 

One thing people do not realize about NYC is that it is SO MUCH MORE FUN when it is warm and sunny :) Last weekend, my classmate David and I explored Central Park together. And I wore a dress! We saw the carousel (although we did not ride it, since I was wearing a dress LOL), we soaked in some rays on the giant rocks around the park and we saw the batting cages people always talk about (although they were still closed for the winter). It is such a large space and I cannot wait to go back to explore more of it!

Bandstand is up and running and seeing a Broadway show become and Broadway show is so fascinating and exciting to be apart of. I am learning so much from the talented actors and creative team. Also something that is so refreshing is how thoughtful and humble the big stars are. Laura Osnes knows my name and always takes the time to see how I am doing. It is just so wonderful to know that these people are truly normal people. The Hamilton Tour just left to start tech in San Francisco and I am going to miss being in rehearsals for that show very much. The actors were so hungry and willing to do whatever was asked of them in the room. It was so inspiring and moving in a way. Also casually talking with Tommy Kail, Joshua Henry and Alex Lacamoire will be something I will miss greatly!!! 

That is all for now! Thanks for checking in :)