Post 5: Final week before Bandstand moves into it's Broadway home!

As a lot of people's internships are winding down, Bandstand is just starting to make the ascent! This coming week is our last week in the rehearsal space before it moves into the Jacobs Theater on 45th! It's been such a great experience watching this musical morph and develop over the past weeks. Bandstand premiered at Paper Mill Playhouse about a year ago. However, the show has continued to change and develop after a great deal of feedback and care from the entire creative team since then. Watching Andy choreograph AND direct this show has completely changed my view on a song and dance show. The trap with a heavy dance show is that the dancing does not serve the plot or it breaks the story flow. However, Andy artfully incorporates movement into the entirety of the musical, so the transitions are virtually seamless.  He also takes great care to explain to the cast what each movement was derived from and how it moves and helps the story. It is truly fascinating. 

Most people are probably shocked that I've not talked about food in any of my blog posts! However, now is the time. This city always blows my mind with how delicious and unique the food is. One of my favorite new "comfort foods" I've been exposed to is ramen. There are tons of amazing ramen shops around the city that I need to try.  However, one of my favorites is the one in City Kitchen. City Kitchen is a food court located on 8th Ave and 44th St. They have several different amazing specialty food stops. The ramen is incredibly flavorful, inexpensive and it is LOTS OF FOOD! My other favorite shop in City Kitchen is DOUGH. Do you like huge, unique donuts for $3? Then this is your place.  I highly recommend the Toasted Coconut and Cafe Au Lait variety :)

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!