Post 6: I survived Stella! Also visits to MOMA and Come From Away

Yes, everyone, I am alive after the crazy blizzard yesterday! Honestly, it was not as bad as everyone expected it to be so we were very blessed in that way. We got plenty of snow but nothing like the 24 inches they were predicting. I took advantage of my snow day by organizing my book and getting headshots and resumes together for StrawHat Auditions/Showcase. So it was a productive day off!

Last week, Andy was out of town so I had a couple days off to explore and go to a couple auditions. I went to the MOMA by myself on Thursday. I've been before and it has to be my favorite museum in NYC I've been to.  I definitely have an appreciation for earlier eras of art, but I love all the different techniques used and ideas expressed in modern art.  Also, as I've grown up, I've become more familiar with the time period in which these pieces were conceived. I have a better appreciation for the content. It was nice to just have some alone time with a chai latte on my day off.

Something I COMPLETELY forgot to blog about when I initially attended it was COME FROM AWAY. Producer and Otterbein Alum, Randy Adams, generously gave each person in our class 2 comps to one of the previews of this incredibly moving Broadway hit. I took the lovely Haley Jones (class of 2015) and it was awesome being able to talk her ear off a bit. Everyone should try to see this show if they can. I do not want to give too much away but if you are feeling down about humanity right now ( s I know a good amount of us are), this show will lift you. It is simply about the good that truly lives in humanity and it is beautiful.

That's all for now! I'll be back soon!