Post 7: Tech begins for Bandstand! Showcase in a week!

Today, we began tech for Bandstand and in 10 short days we start previews! This process is flying by and I am so excited for audiences to see this show. The set (designed by David Korins) is absolutely stunning and the lighting (Jeff Croiter) makes it almost other-worldly. I think this show is really going to surprise people because most people believe it is just another jukebox musical. However, there is nothing surface level about the story or the performances. I cannot wait to see how people react to it. It is a very competitive season this year so we will see how it does compared to these other shows, but I am very excited to continue to watch the journey unfold. 

I ended up getting done a bit early today so I am writing this update J Hood Wright Park. This park sits almost directly across the street from my apartment. It is always packed with kids and puppies so it is a really nice place to sit. It also over looks the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge, so it is a great place for a photo op (if that is your thing). I really just feel so blessed to be here. I am so glad to be living in New York prior to showcase and prior to truly diving head first into auditioning and becoming a working actor. I have such a better understanding for the business and the culture of this world. I am so thankful for Otterbein and the opportunity they gave me. I love living here so much and I feel so supported by friends old and new. I am so excited for what is to come.

Speaking of showcase and what is to come, we showcase in a week! I still can not believe this is happening already. Freshman year seems like it was yesterday. I feel surprisingly calm about it all though. I am just excited (and a little heartbroken) to perform with my class one last time. No matter what happens, it is going to be a wonderful way to send us off into our careers. I a already feeling very emotional about it, because this is sort of the final exam of my college career. And I will miss it very much. I think of Otterbein and Westerville, OH everyday. I will always hold it so close to my heart. But it is time to jump full into this crazy new world. And I could not be more ready to do so.