5 days until the big day! The Otterbein BFA Class of 2017 will showcase this Monday, March 27th! I am so excited to be performing with my class one last time. It is going to be very bittersweet but I could not be more excited to see my class do what they do best. It is also going to be so great to see all the alum, friends and family supporting us. 

One of my favorite parts of New York so far has been seeing classmates perform in things all over the city. My class is already working hard to make connections and get their face into the business and I am so proud of them. A couple weekends ago I saw the beautiful Dana Cullinane in "Cranky Cabaret", which is a monthly cabaret of young professionals performing songs that could be classified as "cranky" (?). Dana sang "All Falls Down" from Chaplin, which brought the house down. However, she closed he show with her notorious "Villain Medley". She pretty much blew everyone out of the water. It brought me so much pride seeing a classmate do what they love and also do something that was so inherently THEM. It just gets me jazzed for what is to come for each of us. 

Bandstand starts previews a week from tomorrow and there is still plenty of work to be done. However, I have to keep in mind that new Broadway shows continue to evolve and change well into previews until the "freeze date". It is a completely foreign world to me and it is so strange that previews does not equal finish product. I still can not really believe I am here, but I am so happy that I am. 

Much love xoxo